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Plant-Based Diet Is Possibly Found To Reduce Risks Of Cognitive Impairment

A new study showed that a plant-based diet is found to have an impact on cognitive decline. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has the study briefing about the diets affects, especially cognitive impairment, in Chinese adults. In the US, there are around 5 million Americans who are getting themselves treated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as the population ages, the chances of having a cognitive problem only increases. The diet, exercise, alcohol, and drugs that are consumed by the public are found to have a huge impact on their health.

The plant-based diet, like high in fruits, whole grains, and vegetables, is found to lower the chances of cognitive decline. The diet devoid of animal-products is found to have a huge impact on memory. The National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Professor Koh Woon Puay has found a specific dietary pattern to help keep the brain active and keep the cognitive impairment at bay. The composition of the food helps keep the brain active rather than just restricting a single food. Red meats and processed foods are recommended to be avoided. The plant-based diet also helps deal with allergies, inflammation, heart health, gut health, and others. This study can help lower environmental footprint, save animals, and also stay healthy.

In a similar context, a team from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the University of New South Wales found no connection between the statin use and memory loss. Statin was found to slowly affect the memory and thinking skills of an individual as it was found to be used commonly among the people having cholesterol. The study showed no change in the brain volumes among statin users.

Jennifer Brooks

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