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Lacuna Space Collaborated With Miromico On Internet Of Things

Reportedly, Lacuna Space (a provider for connectivity) and Miromico have signed a partnership accord for the development and easy stipulation of “space ready” communications devices that use low-cost satellite links and ultra-low-power. Miromico is an international leader for the design and manufacturing of wireless products for the IoT (Internet of Things). After the successful tests carried in 2019, the first commercial tests with Miromico devices and chosen enterprise customers of the Swiss firm in environmental monitoring, agriculture, or asset tracking are starting by 2020. By utilizing LoRa-1—which is the actual standard for the low power wireless IoT—the life span of battery-operated IoT equipment can be improved by years, saving maintenance and operation cost.

The common use of LoRa also facilitated Miromico to quickly and effortlessly adapt their hardware and connect to Lacuna Space’s satellite. Marcel Wappler—Head of IoT and LPWAN at Miromico—said, “A low-power and low-cost satellite link similar to Lacuna Space’s technology in every smart device will start a second IoT revolt. We experienced a skyrocketing but yet unfulfilled demand for affordable smart devices having low power and connectivity at large scale. Seemingly, the lack of global connectivity is recoiling endless applications. Some of that will aid in solving the most complicated challenges like allowing solar-powered local grids across South America and elsewhere, enhancing agricultural yield, or monitoring the global flow of assets or goods and track their carbon footprint.

Similarly, Lacuna Space was in the news as earlier it signed the second contract with NanoAvionics U.K. Both the firms inked a second contract to incorporate the Lacuna Space LoRa-based Space Gateway in NanoAvionics’ M6P nanosatellite bus. This project is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of this year through a PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle). The two firms productively partnered on the Lacuna Space technology demonstration operation that was launched in April 2019.

Justin Woodruff

Justin Woodruff has completed his education in Bachelor of Astronomy & Space Sciences before switching his career to become a full-fledged writer. He has previously toiled with a reputed organization for almost 3 years. Currently, he is working as a senior most copy editor and writer at The BunBury Mail firm handling the Science department. He has a keen interest in reading science books or completing short-term Astrophysics & planetary astronomy courses on the side-by-side basis.

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