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Our Team

Anthony Cooper

Anthony Cooper has specialized in Business domain. He has previously worked as an editor in chief, associate metro editor, staff writer, and PA specifically handling the Business and Management department before joining The BunBury Mail news platform. Anthony deals with the business, financial, national, and international section in the multi-platform social media owing to his expertise. He is currently takes care of all the stuff related to current markets & business field for The BunBury Mail.

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Phone No:- +1 800-628-3141

Jennifer Brooks

Jennifer Brooks opted to become a stringer and author due to her yearning interest towards language and questioning nature. She currently deals with the medical science and health realm at The BunBury Mail news platform. She dishes up her readers with an edifying article; be it associated to health or medical. Jennifer is known to be an extremely intellectual as well as an eye-catching personality when it comes to her health-related concern.

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Phone No:- +1 800-213-4479

Maria Jackson
Editor & Junior Reporter

Maria Jackson a resident of China has completed her tutoring in Masters in Computers. She deals with the international technology section-related news owing her intense interest in collecting unique gadgets or reading technology-related books like The Innovator’s Dilemma, The Soul of a new machine, and so on. Prior to captivating the senior editor position at The BunBury Mail news magazine, she has worked as a copy editor and junior reporter covering the tech news at The BunBury Mail for almost a year now.

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Phone No:- +1 800-997-6814

Justin Woodruff

Justin Woodruff has completed his education in Bachelor of Astronomy & Space Sciences before switching his career to become a full-fledged writer. He has previously toiled with a reputed organization for almost 3 years. Currently, he is working as a senior most copy editor and writer at The BunBury Mail firm handling the Science department. He has a keen interest in reading science books or completing short-term Astrophysics & planetary astronomy courses on the side-by-side basis.

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Phone No:- +1 800-375-5159

Editorial Staff Emails & Contact Information

Anthony Cooper:- | +1 800-628-3141

Jennifer Brooks:- | +1 800-213-4479 

Maria Jackson:- | +1 800-997-6814 

Justin Woodruff:- |+1 800-375-5159

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